Getting Started

  1. Begin by downloading the Placie app on the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.
  2. Open the Placie app.
  3. Tap "Create a Placie Account".
  4. Come up with a username. Make sure it’s a good one as it can't be changed afterwards.
  5. Enter a valid email address.
  6. Pick a catchy yet secure password.
  7. Let Placie guide you through your first selfie. But for now, let's call it a placie. Get it?
  8. Just in case, I'll walk you through the following:
    • Use the camera to capture the moment or upload a picture from your camera roll.
    • Add fun stickers, text or even a scribble to your placie.
    • Choose the appearance of your placie by taking your pick from the selection of bubble shapes.
    • Finally, add a caption and perhaps a hashtag (#).
  9. Great job! By now you should be presented with a map covered by pretty bubbles, one of them being your newly created placie
  10. Time to explore! Look around on the map and tap on bubbles of your liking. Be a good sport, push the like button and leave a nice comment below
  11. Find your friends! Tap the search button from map view to search for friends. Explore and find cool placies through hashtags under the "content" tab. You could even check out a specific area anywhere in the world via the "places" tab.
  12. Make sure to follow your friends and family so that you never miss out on the latest placies!
  13. Hop into the AR-mode (found in map view) to check out placies near you!
  14. Have fun, play nice and good things will come your way